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Personal Information

  Gender: Male
  Age Range: 35 to 49
  Birthday (Month/Day): N/A
  Marital Status: Committed
  Country: N/A
Where I'm from: Hungary
Where I live now: Montreal
High School: Marymount
University/College: N/A
Occupation: N/A
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Other Fun Information

  Politics: Very Liberal
  Zodiac Sign: N/A
Personal URL: N/A
Personal Blog: N/A
Instant Messaging
      • Type: N/A
      • ID: N/A
Who is the most famous person you know: N/A
What is your Favourite:
      • Web Page: theonion.com
      • Discussion Forum: N/A
      • Podcast: N/A
      • Blog: N/A
      • News Source #1: CBC Radio
      • News Source #2: New York Times
      • News Source #3: Salon.com
      • Columnist: Paul Krugman
      • Non-Fiction Book: Being Digital
      • Fiction Book: The Corrections
      • Author: Italo Calvino
      • Band / Musician: Beatles
      • Artist: David Lynch
      • Film: Blue Velvet
      • Zenome Category: N/A
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