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Zenome is a Directory of Communities that provides free, intuitive tools and allows you to reach highly-targeted academic communities. Please read a few words about us, and then we’ll tell you what Zenome can do for your sales force.

A Bit About Us
Zenome enables anyone to post links to their own or related research, or for Instructors to give Web research assignments that can then easily be collated, maintained, shared, and even rated for relevance.

Each community also has a Discussion Forum where peers from around the world can exchange information about the specific, related topic.

Instructors can even create a link enabling their students to purchase required course materials directly online.

Community editors can add RSS feeds that provide real-time information relating to their community.

Each community becomes a kind of online book club, where like-minded individuals can come together and share resources.

Any academic can create a unique community based on their own research interests. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

How is that Relevant to You?
Well, because Zenome collates specialized communities where participation is encouraged from all, you have access to an audience that shares common interests, is active and dedicated, is well-educated, and has a relatively high disposable income. Most importantly, you are reaching your audience when they are motivated to share and buy resources – like your texts!

There are a variety of ways you can use Zenome to increase book sales:

Reach Targeted Academic Communities
Go to any existing Community of interest and view relevant URLs. This will prepare your sales force to talk to Instructors. Your sales staff can also take part in relevant Discussion Forums. (To maintain the integrity of Zenome, direct sales pitches are not permitted in discussions)
-See a sample community – Click Here

Sell Books Directly
Zenome provides simple tools that allow professors to post required course textbooks online for purchase. This means that students can buy texts directly from you or a drop-shipper of your choice (at no cost to you). How cool is that!
-See an Amazon affiliate link on the right side of the page (the link could be yours!) - Click Here

Sponsor Targeted Communities
Increase your visibility - sponsor one or many highly-targeted communities. Reserve the top-right banner before a competing publisher does. This can link directly to your existing home page, a customized page directed to a specific community, or even a link that allows Zenome users to purchase a text directly from you.

View a sample academic community - Click Here

Or read even more- About Us

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