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Reserve the top-right banner space for any number of targeted communities.

Your banner ad will be prominent in your highly-targeted community, and will be seen specifically by motivated and committed users.

As well, anytime anyone searches for a related term on Zenome, your sponsored community will be displayed.

Zenome Banner Policy
*Zenome is fully-supported, ready-to-go, maintenance-free place for your company and user community to collectively gather and create the most relevant community for your specific target subject.

*Zenome provides the opportunity to market to a very highly targeted audience through sponsorship advertising.

*Sponsorship can extend to a specific community and ALL its subcategories, if desired.

*Zenome provides tools to enable sponsors to reach and service relevant communities. Maintaining the integrity of Zenome ensures the purity of results for you, the sponsor, and for each Zenome community. As such, sponsors cannot manipulate search or community results.

* Being a sponsor will NOT effect what is deemed relevant by Zenome's algorithms. Sponsors cannot directly affect how search results or directory listings are shown.

* Being a sponsor does not allow you to control which sites (including competitors' sites) are indexed in the category. This will continue to be objectively controlled by the category editor, the editorial staff, and eventually by the community members themselves. [You do, of course, have access to the editorial staff, as does everyone, if you feel something has not been done objectively.]

* All sponsor ads on all Zenome pages must be completely free of any "active" content. No pop-ups, scroll overs, pop-unders, etc. allowed. Links and other passive content are allowed.

* Zenome will not be responsible for making sure that your ads are "up and running" for any files based on your servers.

*Zenome reserves the right to remove any advertisements that break its advertising rules and to cancel any sponsorship arrangement.

*Zenome does not permit banners that link to content that is illegal.

*Zenome does not permit banners that link to sites that promote tobacco, alcohol, or non-consensual or underage pornography.


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The Zenome Team would be happy to help you create a customized starter’s package.
Contact us at: Sponsors@Zenome.com

Darren Redfern: 519-271-8292


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