Zenome: A Directory of Communities

Zenome is a self-organizing directory where you can visit an existing community of interest, or create a new one.

Each community becomes a kind of online book club, where like-minded individuals can come together and share resources and ideas.

Zenome is a social network with a social conscience as it pays ongoing commissions to category editors, and enables editors to donate commissions to charity.

Zenome provides simple, intuitive tools that anyone can use to explore, create, or invite friends to communities of interest. Users can also index relevant Web pages, and read related Discussion Forums.

Zenome members can participate in Discussion Forums, vote on Community matters, contact like-minded members, and earn token commissions for recommending Community Editors.

Editors with specialized knowledge or interest in any topic can earn ongoing commissions for maintaining a Community. Editors have the authority to lead Discussion Forums and add related RSS feeds and links to relevant off-line resources.

Zenome uses advanced technologies that continually update and analyze the relevance of the indexed sites, based on searcher activity. Zenome is a new approach to community interaction: one that organically adapts to the needs of its users.

Humans understand content and relationships between concepts in a way that software simply cannot. Not only do Zenome editors assure high quality sites, but they allow anyone to create related Sub-Communities of specialization.

Information can be understood and utilized quickly, so that topics are timely as well as organized in a way that makes sense to the users.

View a Sample Community
One of Zenome’s active academic communities can be found by going to http://www.Zenome.com, and entering "Mathematics" in the Search box.

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