Visit a Community

Zenome is a directory of thousands of Communities for people with shared interests.

By visiting a Community of your choice you can view topic-specific web sites, read related Discussion postings, view Community members’ profiles, or link to related books.

You can also suggest a related web page, or RSS feed.

By becoming a Zenome member you can also contribute to Discussions, interact with other like-minded Zenome members, or earn points for indexing sites.

There is never any cost or commitment to either visit a Community or Join Zenome.

There are two ways to visit a Zenome Community:
   1- From the Home Page keep clicking through the topic hierarchy until you reach the specific Community that interests you

   2- Enter a specific word in the Zenome Search box at the top of the Home Page and hit Enter

If you do not find a Community of interest to you, feel free to suggest one by selecting: ‘Index a Page’ > ‘Suggest a Community’.

Or, take a moment to read About Us

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