Apply To Be A Zenome Community Editor

  • Community to edit: top/ Computers - Internet/ Internet
Zenome pays Editors ongoing commissions based on the revenues generated by their Community, and by Zenome as a whole.

The editor application process may take about 15 minutes. A Community Supervisor will review your application and notify you about the result within two weeks.

Before you decide to apply, you should read the Editor's Guide, which tells you all you need to know (Available under "Tools" > "Editor's Guide").

You must also "Index" 5 Web Pages in the specific Community that you want to apply to edit. It should take you about five minutes to index each Page. You can index pages by selecting "Index a Page" on the Zenome toolbar.

But, before you start the application process you must become a Zenome member - this takes a few moments, and there are no costs or commitments. Join Zenome.

If you are already a Zenome member, you have to login first.

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