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The Respiratory System
Information regarding gas exchange in the alveoli, exhaling and inhaling, diseases of the respiratory system, and more.
Submitted by: kramer;
http://www.emc.maricopa.edu/faculty/farabee/biobk/BioBo ...     [More Info...]

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Learn about the final branchings of the respiratory system and how oxygen enters into your circulatory system.
Submitted by: kramer;
http://oac.med.jhmi.edu/res_phys/Encyclopedia/Alveoli/A ...     [More Info...]

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Articles On Breating
Illnesses and conditions of your respiratory system. Learn how breathing can affect every function in the human body.
Submitted by: kramer;
http://www.inspiringyourlife.com/Breathing/index.html     [More Info...]

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This animation movie illustrates how the various pieces of the respiratory system work together.
Submitted by: kramer;
http://health.howstuffworks.com/adam-200020.htm     [More Info...]

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Wikipedia - Lung
Information regarding the respiration organ of the human body, and its respiratory function.
Submitted by: kramer;
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lung     [More Info...]

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Oxygen Delivery System
Learn about the primary functions of this system and the pathway of oxygen when it is taken in through the lungs.
Submitted by: kramer;
http://www.fi.edu/biosci/systems/respiration.html     [More Info...]

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