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Communication Skills for Students
An academic site, helping students in business communication improve their communication skills.
http://www.commerce.adelaide.edu.au/current/ug/professi ...     [More Info...]

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Exploring Nonverbal Communication
Developing skills through nonverbal communication and exploring the various channels.
Submitted by: NS_Ahmed;
http://nonverbal.ucsc.edu/     [More Info...]

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Online Writing Centre
This is a prototype online business communication course offered by the University of Antwerp in Belgium. The course is offered in several languages (Dutch, English, French. German and Spanish).
Submitted by: c_lagac;
http://www.calliope.be/     [More Info...]

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Business Communications
A comprehensive selection of books that are all related topics to Business Communications.
Submitted by: je_gau;
http://www.pearson.ch/HigherEducation/BusinessCommunica ...     [More Info...]

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Basic Negotiating for Basic and Profit
The first thing you must learn are the three variables of negotiation: time, information, and power. You can remember these easily with the acronym "TIP," so the next time you have to negotiate an agreement, you'll remember the "TIP" to think in terms of
Submitted by: je_gau;
http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1310.a ...     [More Info...]

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Negotiation: ChangingMinds.org
Negotiation is both a subject on its own and also a common element of many persuasive situations. Here are a wide set of things you can do to be a successful negotiator in many different types of situation.
Submitted by: je_gau;
http://changingminds.org/disciplines/negotiation/negoti ...     [More Info...]

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Dress for Success: Women's Web
How women should be prepared to dress for success. Your clothes are your "packaging" and as such, they say a lot about you: it's the first impression people will have of you.
Submitted by: sarah_assa;
http://www.womensweb.ca/career/dress.php     [More Info...]

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Verbal Communication Of Semantic Content In Products
An academic article (PDF) that argues that verbal communication captures the semantic content of physical product such as personality, feeling, and emotion. Written by Torben Lenau and Per Boelskifte at The Technical University of Denmark.
http://www.nordes.org/upload/papers/70.pdf     [More Info...]

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Communicate with Confidence
A developed system for communicating with more effectiveness, satisfaction, and compassion.
Submitted by: applebaby;
http://www.communicatewithconfidence.net/     [More Info...]

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