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Healthy Influence: A Way To Get What You Want . . . With Words
Healthy Influence is applied science, using words to make behavior change with real people in real time in the real world. It has reliable, and tested knowledge from the smartest minds the history of human civilization have produced.
Submitted by: prachi.joshi;
http://www.healthyinfluence.com/index.htm     [More Info...]

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This webpage provides easy to understand information and methods of applclication on negotiating techniques.
http://www.freeworldacademy.com/newbizzadviser/fw26.htm     [More Info...]

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Strategies of Influence and Persuasion
In this section you'll find a number of articles that will get you started understanding more about persuasion and how to use it. Includes audio interview.
Submitted by: prachi.joshi;
http://kcpersuasionarticles.com/     [More Info...]

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Persuasive Essay Writing
A course handout for how to write a persuasive essay. Includes points on how to choose a topic, develop a thesis and support, construct emotional and ethical appeals, organize support, and write a paper.
Submitted by: mkaszel;
http://www.lisalmyers.com/9la_per_essay.htm     [More Info...]

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Persuasive Communication in Business
A short article about how to be persuausive in a business context. Written by Robert F. Abbott, and produced as part of a series for The Sideroad, a place to find practical business advice.
Submitted by: Xiaomin;
http://www.sideroad.com/Business_Communication/persuasi ...     [More Info...]

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Theories of Persuasive Communication and Consumer Decision Making
Links to student written web sites for a variety of persuasive techniques. Created as part of research projects for John D. Leckenby of The Department of Advertising at The University of Texas at Austin. Some of the links are dead.
http://www.ciadvertising.org/studies/student/04_spring/ ...     [More Info...]

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Motivation Articles, Essays, Tips and Advice
This blog contains motivation, self-improvement, and personal development articles, essays, tips and advice.
http://getmotivation.com/new.html     [More Info...]

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Increasing Motivation
Learning skills to increase motivation through different tools and techniques.
http://www.coun.uvic.ca/learn/motivate.html     [More Info...]

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Scoring Power Points
Powerpointing can become a goal in itself. In the best case, the presentation enhances and communicates a larger and deeper body of work and thought. Produced by Jamie McKenzie for 'From Now On: the educational technology journal'.
Submitted by: j_francois;
http://fno.org/sept00/powerpoints.html     [More Info...]

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