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Business Listening Strategy
Read this guide, by Bruce Wilson, an executive coach, trainer, and facilitator, that provides a description of attentive listening. See section "Get Over Yourself, Give Them a Solo" or view the demonstration offered.
http://www.businesslistening.com/listening_skills-3.php     [More Info...]

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Listening: Trinity College
This web page has some interesting statistics about listening. It also provides important key points of ways to listen effectively. Listening effectively is hearing and understanding what a speaker is saying and how it applies to you and then remembering
Submitted by: yasminalaswad;
http://www.trinity.wa.edu.au/plduffyrc/library/study/li ...     [More Info...]

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Industry Canada - 2.4 Listen Actively
Guide notes that more than half of oral communication is misunderstood. Learn the difference between active and passive listening or see the quiz "are You a Good Listener?"
http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/sc_mangb/stepstogrowth/engdoc ...     [More Info...]

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10 Tips to Effective & Active Listening Skills
Basic hints on how to listen more effectively, including links to a few additional resources. Produced by IAmNext.com, geberal tips for college students.
Submitted by: sbcmp3;
http://www.iamnext.com/people/listen.html     [More Info...]

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Explains the role of listening--and information derived from listening--in leadership, customer relationships, and persuasion (conflict resolution and negotiation). Features include articles by coaches, consultants, and other professionals.
Submitted by: yasminalaswad;
http://www.businesslistening.com/index.php     [More Info...]

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WorkKeys - Listening
Offers a chart that compares the listening skill levels required by profiled jobs and the listening skill levels possessed by individuals who have taken this assessment. Learn more about the source of the numbers in this study.
http://www.act.org/workkeys/charts/listen.html     [More Info...]

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Learn 4 Good - English Listening - Practice Books
Shares reviews of publications relating to the proper use of American English in communicating, including listening and speaking. Find TOEFL and IELTS resources.
http://www.learn4good.com/languages/everyday_english_li ...     [More Info...]

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Management English Listening (MEL)
Offers a review of this book by Z. Ardo, R. Bardgett, J. Clemence, K. Dameron and D. L. Smith, published by Prentice Hall International UK Division, that prepares students both for real life and real life listening.
http://www-writing.berkeley.edu/TESL-EJ/ej09/r1.html     [More Info...]

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Effective Presentation: What Makes An Audience Listen@
Useful and quick hints and tips on how to improve oral communication skills. The site sells services and products but provides useful free information.
Category: top/ Business - Work
Submitted by: Xiaomin;
http://www.1000ventures.com/business_guide/crosscutting ...     [More Info...]

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Listening In The Workplace and Non-Verbal Communication
This is a web page about listening skills in the workplace. It provides a general, up-to-date overview of the academic knowledge on this topic and relevant links to support and complement the information presented in 10 categories.
http://jmsb.concordia.ca/~y_j/     [More Info...]

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