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Wikipedia: Media manipulation
Wikipedia's entry on 'media manipulation', including examples and tactics purportedly used by the media.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_manipulation     [More Info...]

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From DC to Cyberspace
An article regarding the issues with the U.S Government's attempt to censor the web.
Edited by: Spike
http://hotwired.wired.com/special/indecent/dcpc.html     [More Info...]

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Acid Logic: They Don't Make Actors Like They Used To
An article about the relative decrease in qulaity of American film actors.
Edited by: Spike
http://www.forbisthemighty.com/acidlogic/actors_suck.ht ...     [More Info...]

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BBC: Head to Head: Is ONline Gaming Bad for You?
Online video games are one of the biggest growth areas in interactive entertainment. Role playing game World of Warcraft sold almost 400,000 copies in two days.
Edited by: Spike
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4273125.stm     [More Info...]

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The Final Showdown Between In-Person and Cyberspace Relationships
One of many articles on a website entitled "The Psychology of Cyberspace". Provides a comparison between online and actual physical relationships. By John Suler, Ph.D.
Edited by: Spike
http://www.rider.edu/~suler/psycyber/showdown.html     [More Info...]

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Global Issues: Media Manipulation
Articles about the topic of media mnaipulation form the journal "Global Issues".
http://www.globalissues.org/HumanRights/Media/Manipulat ...     [More Info...]

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Hollywood’s Originality Tank is Empty
An article from Graffiti: West Virginia's News Alternative, argues tha movie theaters are dominated by inferior classic film and television remakes.
http://www.grafwv.com/Films/story/fil41_7142005102913.a ...     [More Info...]

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Hollywood Execs Blame Texting For Summer Movie Flops
An article from Blogcritics.org about how the proliferation of text-messaging creates an instant feedback loop about films.
http://blogcritics.org/archives/2003/08/31/124903.php     [More Info...]

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Manipulated Photograph of a British soldier in Basra.
The Los Angeles Times' editor's note apologizing for the manipulation of an image, and the photographs, pre and post manipulation.
http://www.sree.net/teaching/lateditors.html     [More Info...]

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Center for Media Literacy (CML):
Growing up in a media world. To learn a better understanding of how children are learning in a digital world.
Edited by: Spike
http://www.medialit.org/reading_room/article199.html     [More Info...]

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