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  omoco said on  Thursday, 9th March 2017  
  Omoco is the company, driven by the vision to improve connectivity in remote locations and touch more lives. With Omoco, you can create your wireless communication. For remote communities, enterprises or yourself it works as good as any operator. A global mobile network provider that draws a rich pool of engineers to provide agile & stand-alone private mobile network for you. Wireless networks play a great role there and are, in fact, becoming faster, affordable and easier to adopt than ever. But rural areas have traditionally been no-go areas for incumbent telecommunication. Today about two-thirds of the world population is covered by mobile phone signal, yet there are millions of people who don’t have access to mobile networks.

Here are some features:-

● It is a low-cost alternative to high-end cell phone networks.

● A cutting-edge technology to help rural citizens, build their private wireless networks.

● Highly flexible mobile base station, compatible with various telecom technologies to render a robust communication network.

Visit official website: https://www.omoco.in/


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