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  DeeDee said on  Tuesday, 26th July 2005  

I noticed that for some categories where I added pages, it still says zero in parentheses after the category, even though there are pages there:

Category-Name (0)

How long does it usually take for the number in parentheses to get updated to the actual number of pages in the category?



Zeditor responded on  Thursday, 28th July 2005, 06:35:51  
  Hi DeeDee,

Thanks for noting that - I will pass along the question to our technical team. If you know the specific categories, I can include them in my note to tech support.


DeeDee responded on  Thursday, 28th July 2005, 18:06:57  
  I remember it was specifically in the Alternative Medicine/Naturopathy category, and in a couple of the other Alt Med subcategories as well (don't remember which ones).

However, I just checked them, and noticed the the numbers in parens have all updated to reflect the actual number of pages that have been edited in the categories... go figure. :-)


DeeDee responded on  Thursday, 28th July 2005, 18:54:47  
  An update... I indexed 2 pages for the Health/Alternative Medicine/Aromatherapy category, and when you go to that category it still says zero for Unfiled. If you click on the Unfiled folder, you'll see the 2 pages there.

Zeditor responded on  Monday, 1st August 2005, 06:37:00  
  Hello DeeDee!

Here's the scoop re: stats.

The stats reflecting 'pages indexed' and 'unfiled' are still updated
manually in these early Beta days. As a result the stats may be out of date for a few days at a time.

Thanks for your patience.


DeeDee responded on  Sunday, 7th August 2005, 18:44:06  
  Ah ha... thanks for letting me know!


Spainflower responded on  Wednesday, 18th March 2015, 00:24:24  



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